Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bold Man. Small Move.

I was destined for greatness. I wish this grade was, but what can I say.
Actions speak louder than opinions period. I feel that when effort is not
given then people do not care, and they become an expert of opinions.

The grade I give to the name of last Monday is a C.
When you call something out, and then follow up with
finger paint and an airline ticket you are only telling me
that you want to get the fuck out of here.

It pains me to see that people can not understand how to relate to one another.
Evan does relate well but I feel the rest of the class just wants to go through
the dam motions of it all. Atleast Evan keeps himself real and alive.

I am waiting to see others release the inner child that dwells inside their
body. Dwelling due to oppression taught by society. Atleast Evan was real in his deliver,
but I feel that he did not deliver with nearly as much intensity as he should have. I figured
he would have been bolder with this assignment, but I can't blame him. A plane ticket is
left in my sights holding the keys to my future. I can relate, but was unsatisfied.

I am no one. For no one is real.
Only real as dirt, but I'm only buried to bloom in a better place.

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Modest Alchemist said...

Either no one is real, or everyone is real. I would like you to know that you've made an impact on my life, and i've been thinking a lot about the things you said in class lately.

You are definitely someone who has left their mark. Thank you for making a difference to me. Hope you are making all your dreams come true.