Sunday, April 27, 2008

final --

Chaos in the greatest Degree!
I could not figure out how I wanted to express this inner twine.
I was going around writing several ideas down and then I came
to the fact that chaos is a natural phenomenon.

Then I found this website. It brings it all home for me.
Inner thoughts and just common things I just would just not say to anyone or think of again.

OMG THE Whore! THE PAIN! THE Reason! I love it!

Also to top it all off. Provocative Advertising. In Your Face. Pulling your blanket straight from under your crib. Time to Grow up. Time to Open Up.Time to change. Time to get the Romantic point of views out of your life and live a little.

-- For the religious

-- For the Smokers
-- For the Prof.
For the rest of you.

--For the Daring

Thats it for The Freak.
If anything. I hope you guys understand what it means to pull your heads out of your asses. Being so critical of each other I wonder how you sleep as sheep. If this class has failed you. You have failed yourself.
If your opinion matters, but didn't speak. You're only sheep. Good Riddance.

"People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die." -- Plato

Which one are you?


spyroterra said...

I think at one point in the semester the "sheep" comment was appropriate, but in viewing the final blog entries of your classmates, I no longer think it is true. So let it rest a bit and take your message to people who really need it. You are a good thinker and I don't want to see you spinning your tires in the mud when your job is already over.... In the mean time, where are all the paper entries you have been talking about???

spyroterra said...

You know, Freak, I don't think I really don't feel I know you even after all the work we have done this semester in the 3 classes you are taking with me. It is not necessary for a teacher to really know a student but I don't feel like I have seen your journey through seeing sideways. That is OK if you want to keep a lot of your journey to yourself, but I worry that you are not really taking the journey, and I worry that you are not getting much from this class as a result. You have a lot of really great ideas inside you but I feel that you spend so much time talking about stuff that it is like letting the air out of the balloon and then throwing away the limp latex shell because you already released the passion that drove your idea in the first place. (Sorry for that really long dorky analogy...) But the point is that you have soooooo much to contribute with that sideways take you have on the world. Stop talking and start doing! Your audience awaits!

modestalchemist said...

wow... that seems harsh...

but yeah freak you can't just call people sheep because they aren't like you. i'd say they were more like children... i got into this sort of conversation the other day talking about gas prices... some guy was all "you just bitch but no one does anything" and I was like "yeah that's true... but we don't do anything because we don't know how."

this generation, and i only say this generation because it's the only thing i can speak for without reference, has no role model to go after in this situation... the only things we are taught as far as rebellion are the revolutionary war (which was easier to get everyone bound together for a cause because there were only 1000 of us in the country and the women didn't count) and the civil rights movement which was so long ago that only old people even remember it. and... well i guess the paperboy strike that happened like 100 years ago.

i think you are right in what you said in class that we are taught to follow the masses. we are separated and separated so much that we are one big group of people that won't band together and fight for a common cause anymore. we are taught to be sheep.

but the human existence is more than just sheep. there is an underlying passion in people that they don't know how to release so they just die a little inside.

I'm really sad that you're moving because with your experience, i think you might just be the kind of catalyst that would get people to start following their passions as human beings and stand up for themselves. I see you as the kind of person that could really change things... you could be the shepherd for these sheep who don't understand how to stand up for themselves.

the thing about sheep is that they will always be sheep unless taught they are human.

Anonymous said...

Even when things are suppose to be over. They are just starting. Thanks everyone!